Forever 21 fashion haul

While planing my trip to Las Vegas I was thinking how much I would spend on Sephora.  When I entered the store on The Venetian Hotel...so big, so beautiful, lot more stuff than here in Puerto Rico...that didn't buy a thing! LoL
Contrary to what I was expecting didn't buy much, just 2 products on VS and  some pretty stuff at Forever21. Review to be up soon on VS face and eye primer!

ok, to the haul...

would wear this one with a black cami underneath

$27.80 this is my favorite, it looks dressy, delicate but has a stretchy part on the back that makes it very comfortable

got another shirt in black but could not make my camera to pick its details and couldn't find it on F21 site :(
but, I can't go to F21 without picking some accessories =D




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