New nail polishes

After removing my acrylic nails I've been into polishes. Here are the most recent ones I got at Walmart [$1.89] from a brand called Bettina. I'm not sure if they are sold outside Puerto Rico. On this brand if the color doesn't belong to an specific collection they are called by numbers only.

from L to R: Aqua and Purple, both from the Art Deco Collection and 197
To see Aqua in action check The Beauty Vlogadiaries post
These are very creamy, glossy and usually very opaque; 2 coats are enough. I've been using this polishes since I was a kid [ I'm 28!] but think they have been around for a little longer.  Now I'm wearing 197 and loving it! is a creamy gray shade with a blue undertone.  I took a picture but my camera totally alters the real color :( so I'm not posting it.  They have a collection called Candy and I want them all! Pics here and here

Bettina recently launched their makeup line that includes eyeshadows, brushes, blush, lipsticks, glosses, eyeliners, etc.  I have 2 of their eyeshadows, have to admit I was surprised with their good pigmentation.

The same day I got the polishes also decided to buy their eyelashes [$2.99-ish?]  I've never used eyelashes, just waiting for patience to learn how to apply them lol.

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