Claire's eyeshadow & blush palette

Got this palette at Claire's [$8] because the blushes looked so cute with the animal print over spray and thought the e/s where in cream.  This picture was taken after occasional use and swatch.  I had new in package pictures but they disappeared from my camera...

looks messy :s but no matter how much I clean it in seconds its messy again; don't know why?

Has mentioned before, I though they where cream e/s.  They feel like cream but set like powder.  The consistency its a little grainy / chunky? Its weird to explain, I've never had a e/s like this before so they are quite difficult to work with.  But I don't want to surrender because despite the weird consistency, they are super pigmented and the colors are gorgeous!

natural light, no flash
For now, I only use the blush and bronzer.  My favorite is the pink one.  Maybe you can't notice but it had a silver and pale pink over spray, it made my cheeks glow and even when it looks so bright when applied with a fluffy brush looks more subtle.  Bad thing the over spray is gonna fade soon :(

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