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Attention: just want to clarify that what I'm sharing its what works for me. I am no professional nor have any scientific / medical degrees to say what will work for you. Though you may have the same fears and doubts as I did and sharing my experience might help in some way.I've been overweight pretty much my hole life and have tried so many times to loose it; but this is the first time I feel that I'm having success at it.Also,Lastly, If my experience motivates someone, exposing my weight issues totally worth it!
Time is flying! Looks like I started yesterday and now I'm on my 7th week.I've lost 24 pounds and noticed changes on inches too. Sadly I didn't measured myself before starting the diet, would have been interesting have that data.

To accomplish my goal Ive been combining diet and exercising with weigh loss supplement Alli.  For me the most difficult part have been eating 3 meals a day and 2 healthy snacks. 
I was used to skip breakfast, eat until I was going to explode at around 2pm and then indulge on anything that I craved at around 6:30 to 7pm. I also drink lost of beer during the weekends and didn't work out regularly except dancing when going out [with beer on hand] so it didn't helped my cause lol. 

Food:  I've made several changes and wishing to keep up with them! For the last 6 weeks I've not been eating anything fried, cut on bread and sweets, no alcohol, sodas or highly sugared juices; except for water with Crystal Light.  At the beginning was a little worried thinking that "diet food" will be boring, insipid.  Then started to look up for recipes and was surprised about how good it taste! Definitely not the kind of "diet food" I used to have 15 years ago.

Workout: I know this are ages old! lol but I really like the Billy Blank Tae-Bo workouts, specially the Cardio and 8 min workouts. Started doing them 3 times a week, then 5 to 6 days a week.  Sometimes when I'm bored have decided to work out; that really surprised me.  Now that Mom is dieting with me we are walking on the track 5 times a weeks and sometimes on mornings I do a little Tae-Bo as a bonus. When going to the mall I tried to walk as much as I can and try to go up/down on my house stairs too. Because I'm unemployed at this time, every opportunity to be active is very important.

Now, Alli: Started taking it on a weekend; 5 days after being on the diet as recommended on their website, to let your body assimilate changes, specially fat intake.  I was scared of the side effects, didn't want to spend my weekend on the bathroom! lol.  Surprisingly, nothing weird [embarrassing] happened, just little drops of oil if I used extra virgin olive oil. Did notice more regular or consistent behavior of my digestive system. I'm registered on their website that guides you tru several steps not only limited to the food tab but also about exercising and dealing with the emotional toll of changing your lifestyle. The first 5 days dieting did feel depressed; was thinking that my bad habits had grown so much over the years that would be impossible to succeed. But in my experience, having weigh loss supplement backing you up do wonders; not only physically but mentally / emotionally too. Having that little extra to help me makes me feel more confident.  The tips, recommendations and "inspirational quotes" on their website are really working for me.  I also like the fact that is FDA approved and over the counter.
Each Monday I log on their website to keep track of my weight and read info on the next step. Also got recommendations on calories and fat target per day, meal calendar, strategies for grocery shopping and dinning out.

snapshots of progress on my Alli journal:

next time I'll share what I've been eating! :D
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