Review: Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

According to Avon.com: 
Moisturizes around delicate eye area as it whisks away makeup. 2 fl. oz.

To Use [ bottle instructions]:
Apply with fingertips or damped cotton ball.  Use gently circular "patting" motion to soften makeup. Remove with damp cotton ball or tissue. Rinse thoroughly.

Price: $4.00 but usually goes on sale at $1.99

Smell: Nice; milder than some hand lotions
Color: white and goes clear on skin
Texture: soft & creamy, not too oily

Eyeshadow with the works [ primer, base, concealer or foundation]: took it off

Regular liquid, cream & gel eyeliner: took it off
waterproof or glittery ones: took it off but in to pieces or little chunks [ if that makes sense?]

Regular mascara: needed to rub it a little longer to remove it
waterproof or glittery ones: needed to really worked it out to remove it

My experience: The product worked fine removing regular or everyday eye makeup, not so much on waterproof or glittery stuff.  It is also recommended if you take removing makeup as a time to relax...if you are freaking tired of dancing & drinking and just want to go to sleep use other product. No dry, sore feeling or redness afterward.

How I use it: Squirt a little in the back of my hand and with my fingers start to gently rub it into my closed eyes. Then used a cotton pad damped with water to remove product.  This works for me, when using a more "heavy" eye makeup I just rub product a little longer. Also when putting the product on I take a little bit at a time to avoid excess getting into my eyes; the formula is creamy jet a little oily so you don't need a lot.
Found that putting the product directly in to the pad or cotton ball to remove makeup is not the best thing to do, the remover got in to my eyes easier and cotton strands adhere to my eyelashes; plus wasting a lot of cotton pads.

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