Kleancolor Pink Gradient Nails

I feel like I'm so behind on nail art trends! :(  Usually didn't try new techniques because some seem very difficult or impossible to get a decent result with my -frustrating- shaky hands. Recently I've become determined to be more adventurous and try whatever tutorial calls my attention.

In my opinion making a glitter gradient over a solid color base is easier.  With glitter you can use the nail polish own brush.  Making the solid color gradient with makeup sponges is more messy, but I learned that if you have patience, the results can be beautiful!

I'm very happy with my results :D

butterfly ring from Charlotte Russe :)

the pink really pops! on pictures taken indoors with flash

What I used:
Kleancolor Sheer Pastel Gray (base color)
Kleancolor Pastel Purple & Pink Lady (for sponging)
Wet n Wild Hallucinate 

makeup sponge - the ones that comes in wedges

** Tips **
While you master the technique, choose a base color similar (but not the same) as the first color you are going to put into the sponge.  This way the gradient seems more seamless. 

Wet your sponge before putting nail polish on.  The chemicals on the nail polish could "eat" out synthetic sponges and therefore, leave small pieces of the sponge in your nails.  Thanks to Desi for pointing it out!

If you see some separation between the base color and the first sponging shade don't panic; topcoat usually helps blending the colors even more.

Acrylic paints are a good option for gradients because you can cleanup with water.

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