China Glaze Immortal + Finger Paints Flecked Matte

This manicure story starts with regrets:
I regret not jumping on the matte nails bandwagon before.  I regret not trying to put a matte topcoat over flakies or glitter before.  It feels like my nails life have been boring all this time...dramatic much? hahaha

After swatching CG Immortal, decided to layer Finger Paints Flecked over it.  It looked meh! but I was doing my nails at night but thought it would look better in daylight.  Anyway, decided to give the Hard Candy Matte topcoat a try and I love the results!

After the matte experience I was so inspired that couldn't let my nails alone.  Ended up messing them with a horrible stamping job.  I think that stamping over it would have look really cool, but a different pattern would have worked better. Here used Bundle Monster BM-221

As for the Hard Candy topcoat, it works really nice in terms of the finish and the fast it dries.  Couldn't say much about how long it last before it starts to chip because I took it off the next day.  There are noticeable brush mark on the first pictures.  Its my first time using it, so I don't know if the issue is the brush or the way I'm managing it but I'll keep experimenting.

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