Its been a while....oh, Hello February!

Hi beauties, I'm back!
Seems like an eternity, but it was only 3 months without blogging.  It seems as I always disappear around the same time; close to the Holidays.

This time my hiatus was part involuntary; as my laptop is slowly dying and goes crazy when I try to download pics from my camera, create or edit documents and pictures or browse the web.  Well, it gets very slow, freezes and crashes pretty much doing anything.  I'm posting this now, but I've been trying to finish it since Thursday; so you can imagine the ordeal :(
Anyway, I'm trying not to let this tech issue discourage me from blogging.  In this 3 month a lot have happened and I'll share it with you little by little.

One of the most interesting things that happened is that I had my first real [not as an intern or volunteer] medical secretary experience! Yay! lol  I got a contract to cover another secretary during her vacation period on December.  It was only for a month, but then the other secretary needed some time off; so they extended my contract 3 more weeks :D
It was a great experience! From the very first day, I felt welcomed by the staff; I really miss them.  I feel blessed of having that opportunity because I learned a lot.  The good thing is that the office is in a Mall, so I can pass by while shopping to say hello.  Now that the contract finished, I'm back to square one looking for a job; but I'm optimistic about it.

Already have a couple post on draft, which is a good start.  I'm doing the writing on my laptop and the picture stuff on my mom's.
Until next!

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