Essie: Watermelon...and a tragedy

Couple weeks ago, I went to Rio Piedras (metropolitan area in Puerto Rico); in a part where they have lots of sidewalk kiosks selling anything from jewelry, to toys, fruits, electronics to even makeup & nail polishes.  In one of them I found brands like China Glaze, Orly, Nicole by Opi, Rimmel, Revlon & Essie from $1.50 to $2! This where my picks:

CG Cranberry Splash, Essie Watermelon, A Cut Above, As gold as it gets
Sorry for the horrible Instagram pic!

Here I used Essie Watermelon & A Cut Above

Then, something terribly happen after taking the pictures for the blog.... 

Don't know how, but the bottle just slipped of my hands, hitting the floor & staining the wall, my clothes and the sofa :(
I love how Watermelon looks on me, so I plan to go back for a backup.
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