Esika Extreme Moisturizing Lipstick in Fucsia Cautivante

At fist glance, the color looked intimidating to me even tho I have a secret-soft spot for bold lipstick shades. I'm self-conscious about my big lips and bright colors makes them look bigger.  I don't like the shape of the lipstick because it makes it difficult to apply but the bright berry shade won me over! Nothing that a lip brush couldn't solve

As you can see on the swatches; this shade has a great color payoff without being too loud.  It compliments my skin tone and would look even more beautiful on someone with a darker skin tone.  I love to use it when I'm dressed in all black or barely did any makeup on my eyes because it brightens up the hole look.  You can see its moisturizing properties due to the slight shine finish, but doesn't feel  greasy or slippery. It is soft enough that I could dab a little on my finger and rub it on my lips for a hint of color; like it was a lip stain; but not too soft that it would bleed our or run all over your face.

bloated & after one drink
The stain while its fading out looks beautiful too!

It mix really nice with softer pink shades to tone it down
mixed with Jordanna Matte Lipstick in Pink Flair 

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me.  This post express my honest opinion based on my experience with the product. 
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