Review: Esika Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover Gel

Waterproof makeup remover is great! You can go worry free and feel more confident that our makeup will last until we decide to remove it.  The downfall is that some products are a pain to remove -specially mascara-.  I rarely wear waterproof mascara, my lash line is not full and I don't want to risk loosing any of them.  Matte lipsticks can also be difficult to remove without leaving stains.

One product I can recommend to get the work done is Esika's Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover Gel.  The gel has a very greasy feeling that I didn't like at first.  Guess the greasier the better because it removed the mascara effortlessly.  The mascara came out in small pieces? It didn't smear all around my eyes.
Didn't sting and I could not perceive any particular smell at all.
One thing I hate about lip lines is that no matter the color, it always, always stain my lips.  The stain emphasizes my lips shape so much that they appear to be swollen. The gel helps to remove it all, without rubbing and because is oily, it leaves my lips feeling moisturized. 

Disclaimer: Product was purchased by me.  This post express my honest opinion based on my experience with the product.
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