Medical Secretary Initiation Ceremony

I'm getting a technical degree on Medical Secretary & Billing and on Friday the 13th (yeah, weird!), was the Initiation.  This ceremony is done a week before we finish our classes and then go to the clinical practice.  I will start my clinical practice on the 30th, wish me luck! :)
The day before the director told us to choose someone to write the message for the ceremony, kind of a short story of our journey during that year. I had the honor to write it and while doing it, I couldn't contain my tears. Like some of my class mates, I had personal& family issues that made very difficult to concentrate and get out of my head the thought of giving up. Thank Good I had support from people that encourage me to keep going.

The ceremony was simple but very emotional.  Due to lack of space, we couldn't invite any relatives to the ceremony, that would have been the perfect touch; but it was a beautiful moment anyway.  We had to wear our practice uniform with the College ensign & ID.  We received the pin that represent us as the class of 2012.  Finally, a surprise: me and two other class mates where part of the College Honor Roll!  This was a surprise because when the list for the roll was made on February, we had the average to be in, but not the minimum required credits; we were short for 3.  The director convinced the board to reconsider and they included us!  We got the pin from the Honor Roll and a diploma :D

To finish it up, we had brunch and a delicious cake made by one of our professors


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