Nail Art & Manicure Tools Storage

Some time ago I shared with you my fold-able box that I got from CyZone.  Since then, I've got a lot more implements and they where overflowing the box, so I had to resort to re-arrange and recycle.

On the fold-able box I stored things like base/top coats, nail files, cotton disc & qtips, nail clippers, polish remover, stamping materials, etc.  Then I got a plastic pencil box for $.99 to store all the nail art thingies.

In this pencil box I store jars, decals, french tip guides, rhinestones, etc.  For all the small vials I've got containing glitter, beads, flakes, etc I'm using what it used to be a clear box to store Kiss false nails.  This clear box have small divisions that help keeps the small vials in place, organized by color, mostly.

While I get the small booklet used to store wallet pictures, I'm storing my plates in this plastic sheets intended for collection/trading cards.  Not the prettiest of compacts, but does prevent the plates from rolling all around.

As my collection grows, the way I organize it changes.  I wanted to share how I store my nail polishes but I run out of space ages ago and they are all over the place between my room and upstairs dinning room.
I would love if you share some pics of how you store your babies on My Facebook wall!

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