Collective Haul: CVS, Sallys & Local Beauty Supply

Since mid March I've been haulin' too much nail related things, specially nail polishes.  Think I should not get any new ones...I'll try not to, I'll try  ;)

Here is a mix of things I got at CVS, Sallys and a local beauty supply called "Cosmos"

CVS: their polish remover: since I started stamping, noticed I might need acetone in industrial quantities! lol  Also got NYC white cream (for stamping) and Spoiled Pet My Peacock

I went with my sister-in-law to a new (to us) Sally's location and where surprised at how big the store was!  They had 4 clearance sections from which I got the Let It Snow kit $1.25 (Blue Years Eve & Snow Globe), Some like it Haute $1, California Mango cuticle gel $.69.  The only thing I got regular price was Lux & Lush from The Hunger Games collection. It was $5.99 but in my receipt it said $4.  Now I wish I got Harvest Moon and Riveting since I've seen them in other Sallys at $6-$7

Local beauty supply: Bettina Metallic Copper $1.99, SuperNail thinner $2.25, Color Club Magic Atraction $1.99 and Kiss Wear cuticle remover $1.95

Days before, one of my aunts got this Color Clubs at the same beauty supply. She got them to get her toes skittle-ed, but because she rarely wears colors like this; she gave them to me :D This are my first! CC
Sorry, the picture was taken at night with my phone

Psychedelic scene, warhol, koo-koo cachoo, edie, trippie hippie, wild at heart

Later last week, I went back to another Sallys location and got some more polishes and nail wheels.  The crackle polishes where an impulse buy motivated by how cheap they where; think they where not even a dollar!

Sparkle TopCoat, Purple Crackle, Blue Crackle, Galaxy Girl, Champagne Bubbles, Dreamsicle, Haute Metal

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