Goodies from Apothica!

Recently I was contacted by Apothica to be part of their sponsorship program. Many good things have been happening for the blog, some are still in progress and I'm really happy about it.

Packaging was very neat! everything (except for the DuWop kit) was bubble wrapped and had a Fill-Air bag around it.  The DuWop kit inside the small bag had an eyeshadow duo, an eyeliner and mascara, plus some white foam pieces wrapped in a brown and gold tissue paper (very elegant!); this help to prevent damages.  This was my first experience with the company and I'm very pleased, specially with the way everything was packaged; they certainly didn't skip on secure my precious cargo!  It took about 10 days? from order processing to delivery; I would say that processing took the longest and shipping was fast.  When ordering I had the good luck of using a code to get 20% off which maximized my budget.  Another thing that I like from the company is the vast array of brands that they offer and that I was able to score items from brands like Essie & SpaRitual at a discounted price + the discounts and sales that they have all year long.  This have been a great experience because this will be my first time trying the brands that I choose from.

The picture of the box is blurry because I was taking a medicine that got me super shaky :(  had to wait until the effect wore off next day to take the rest of them.

What I got:

  • Essie Lilaclism & School of Hard Rocks
  • Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday (so opportune for this month! hehe)
  • SpaRitual minis: Running With Wolves, Sacred Ground & Howl
  • DuWop Crushed Velvet 3 piece kit
  • Samples from Pevonia, Ahava & Nuxe
I'm excited to try everything, but as for now I've already tried Essie School of Hard Rocks and its a dream!
Also, my second giveaway is in the works! I'm just trying to put up some really nice goodies and save some $ for shipping charges to make it international.

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