Esika Triple Action Max Facial Cream

Esika Triple Action Max Facial Cream is a multi-use cream: daily cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer and toner. I rarely use makeup on weekdays, but I always moisturize. Now that I'm in my 30 I've come to regret not making its use part of a religious routine.  Since using this moisturizer I've seen improvement on my skin. This review includes use impressions from mom & I.
8.4 oz, Retails for $14 

The cream is very soft and emollient but yet, not greasy.  Skin absorbs it at average pace and I haven't had any problem with my makeup to crease while using it. If you use a matte foundation but sometimes you want to get the glowy look, this moisturizer will help to achieve that without the need to mix them both or changing your foundation.  My skin is normal, mom's is mixed; so I'm really not sure of it would be suitable for someone with oily skin? 
To me it has a very mild rose scent - but mom didn't detect any fragrance at all. 
When trying to fight wrinkles, dryness and expression lines moisture is an important key.  I like the fact that I can remove my makeup and moisture at the same time with just one product.  My mom have been using it for longer and I've notice a dramatic change, specially around her eyes, where her skin is quite dry and that makes age lines more visible. She thinks that the cream have soften skin on that area and now she uses less concealer. According to the label within its ingredients contains rose petals to help soften skin.  It also contains vitamin E, chamomile & glycerin to refresh skin & hamamelis extract to tone. Think that is great that the product is not labeled as "only for certain age group" so both mom & I could try it and compare impressions (we are 20 years apart in age)  The tub comes completely filled with product and being a multi-use product that really works, you are getting the bang for every buck.

to order: 787-641-3235 or visit www.esika.biz
* Disclaimer: the product was purchased by my mom for personal use and tested by both of us.  I documented our experience with it to write this review.

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