Birthday Recap

On the 17th was my......I don't want to say it....Lord.....30th birthday.  I still have mixed feelings about being 30 :\  Getting to this age seemed to take forever and I was really liking the idea of being "Forever 20-something" lol  Things got a little busy around the date and didn't had time to create a St Patrick's makeup look or manicure. I even had planned a post about my favorite green polishes & eyeshadows but maybe next year.

To share a little about my birthday, things didn't went the way I planned and to be honest, I was very angry for that.  To me, your birthday is that day when its ok to be a little selfish and make it all about you....it didn't happen. Anyway, not all was bad.  On Thursday I finished a couple classes of my 2nd semester and got A's on the final exams.  Later, I had dinner with a friend at PF Chang's for the first time.  Everything was delicious! Then we headed to a local bar to have a few drinks.  On Friday I woke up a lil' hung over to play basketball -for the 1st time ever- with a friend. I sucked at it.  On the day of my bday I went shopping during the morning with my cousin & aunts, later had dinner with my parents & younger brother.  I welcomed the Sunday alternating whiskey with tequila shots at El Morro, to wake up to a nasty hang over.  Later that day went out to have delicious chicken kabobs and this huge thing:

I almost ate it all and I'm happy that I lived to savoir that moment.  This is the best burger I have ate, ever!!!!
I'll blog later in the week about the birthday goodies I got :)

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