Beauty Profile: Mrs Doe

Beauty Profile is back!
This time the spotlight belongs to the talented, super fun and down to earth friend Ileana from Mrs. Doe:

Tell us a bit about yourself? [we want the juicy gossip!]
Hello!, My name is Ileana and I have 3 year old daughter which is the world to me. Im a makeup enthusiast . I was born here in Puerto Rico but my parents are from Dominican Republic, yes I have "the mix" of both island hehe. I love listening music, Did I said I like makeup?, well, I like makeup!. lately I've been watching Korean dramas (soap operas, doramas,) for now Im a lil bit obsessed with their music and culture in general.Trying every day to be a good mother and a good citizen for my little and beautiful island Puerto Rico. 

How did you got started in the beauty blog world and what’s your blog about? 
It was 2 years ago at the sudden loss of my husband, one day I sat down to see YouTube (weird, huh?) all day long and I was super hooked on all this great community of gurus. I was amaze because I learned a lot to improve my makeup skills. As I've always liked buying cosmetics so I decided to open a space to share my ideas. If you can see, my blog is relatively new, but previously had other beauty blogs (which nobody read hahaha) and I decided to retake it again.

How can beauty product enthusiasts benefit from your blog's content?

Because I've lost a lot of money on things that didn't helped me at all hahaha. If I can help anyone with questions and doubts about X or Y product I will; think that through my experience I can recommend it to someone else.  Because are so many cosmetics out there, one can easily buy things compulsively. By visiting the blog people can find something helpful or interesting. 

Your blog includes a little bit of everything, which is your favorite subject to write about?
I love to review dupes, and products that really are worth. Love to do makeup on models, but is so hard to find it cause sometimes girlfriends have a busy schedule, so Im always on my quest of victims, I mean models, hahaha.

How do you balance mommy duties and work with blogging?
Hmmm it's complicated cause sometimes you can't have everything in the blog updated by all those responsibilities. But I think it's to identify the time or moment for blogging. I guess...

Advises you could give the ones that are new to the beauty blogging scene? 

(when taking pictures, when writing a review, taking criticism over their work)
Well, as I consider myself new, I could say to don't be discouraged. To take good pictures use natural light and always swatch. Write correctly and organize ideas clearly.

Describe the shopping spree of your dreams
Whoo child!, must be high-end all the way, You know MAC, MUFE, Benefit, Illamasqua all the good things baby! and for my little princess too, all that she wants.

Aside from beauty products, what other things you could easily blog about? 
About Music cause I'm a frustated musician. But mostly, about how crazy life is. I used to blog about my experiences working in a sex shop for around of 2yrs and half. But there's were so many stories and so many crazy things that could not keep them in a chronological order . You know that Jay Z and Kanye song when he said "That s*it cray!" It's really was!.

What things you think that makes a good blog?
Good, clear & precise content and good photos; specially if the author is a good person willing to interact with their readers on any subject.

Is there anything in the beauty community that you don't like?
Hmm, I think this is a great community of beauty blogger , but I think there are some people whom you admire for their work on their blogs (or videos) and when you interact with that person in a social media is totally different from what you thought, is a total letdown.

Most influential people in your life?
My mom for her strength and she always is supporting me in my projects.

worst trend: Ok, I have to say it!: Coloured eyebrows. Im so sorry for real but I hate it.

worst beauty product experienceIt was with Sally Hansen Brazillian Wax Kit ... Hella painful!. Ugh you can imagine that kit is crap!. 

5 top advices when applying makeupI am not a professional but I think these tips can help: Having a good attitude always helps to radiate a nice personality. If you're not going to wear makeup, use a good moisturizer with sunscreen, moisturize your lips with lip balm or lipgloss. If the smokey eye makeup is very soft lips lead. If you want to try a nice and cheap form of highlight on your cheeks try Cover Girl single eyeshadow in "Champagne" (is similar of NARS "Albatross") for that glowy look. Think less is more.

beauty sin: Concealer two or three shades lighter than your skin tone.

your go-to outfit:A good pair of jeans, wedge sandals and a "decent" and cute t-shirt in combination with a jacket, blazer, vest, you name it!.

love to eatSushi, pasta & ICE CREAM!

hate to do:Wash the dishes 

Any life advice you could give to our readers?
Smile, is the best beauty product ever!. 

things that identify Ileana:

warning: cutie alert!

Until the next!
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