Guest Post: Pink & Sparkly with Samantha

Samantha is a friend from my facebook page. She doesn't own a blog (yet!) but I hope that she gets motivated to start soon :D We had some troubles to include all the pictures she took, but we where able to include the final look.

My Random Stash has kindly let me hijack her blog and we thought it would be nice for all of her readers to get some sort of idea of products available in the United Kingdom but this is my very first attempt at a blog, so please be gentle with me. Firstly feel as though I should tell you a bit about myself, my name is Sam and I am 29 years young ( this year instead of getting older i have decided to go backwards, so i will be 28 this year ), live with my partner and have a fantastic 14 year old step son. I'm make up, nail polish in fact any beauty products mad although I don't actually wear make up every day but then some days I really go OTT. I am in fact a bit of a mad lady all round, but if you can't have fun with yourself who can you have fun with???

So lets get onto the NOTD I've. I used MUA shade 12 which in the UK you can get for the bargain price of £1 from a chain of shops called Superdrug. MUA sells pretty much all make up products at really cheap prices they have recently launched their own website and they have now started to deliver internationally which costs up to £7.50, which sounds quite a lot but if you buy a few of their products the postage works out quite fair.
MUA shade 12 is a pink, its quite a bright pink but not over the top and is an everyday, every occasion colour. The brush is quite small but I found that its easy to use.
First I applied a base coat (No7 available from boots, £7.00) then applied one coat of MUA shade 12.
I then decided to give it a bit of sparkle but adding a coat of No7 Twinkle, which is a pale pink glitter polish, but I find that it is so pale that the best thing to use it for is to add a bit of extra sparkle.

Samantha: if you try against all odds and succeed; you are made to blog!
Hope you enjoy her collaboration as much as I did!
If you want to be a guest too, let me know!


ILeana said...

Yay! This kind of post is always refreshing (<--I don't know if is the right word) but is nice see other point of view on blogs like guest post :)

NinMonster said...

So pretty! :D

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