Christmas Eve Outfit

First: Thanks to all the new subscribers for joining and thanks to the oldies too!  May our future be filled with more nail polish, abundance of glitter & tons of makeup.
This is short and the pictures are not great in terms of showing details but I wanted to share my Christmas Eve outfit before taking a break this month. 

looking to the wrong camera LoL

Dress & cropped bolero from Burlington, shoes from Payless. The dress was a gift from my mom like five? months ago.  I was surprised that it still fitted because I've gained weight since I started school in September. Flower bracelet from a random jewelry store.  
My makeup was simple: gold & bronze eyeshadow, Avon lipstain in rose + Avon Glazewear lipgloss in darling pink . This was my first time wearing Revlon Photo Ready foundation but mixed with Color Stay because I'm more tanned now and the mix matches me pretty well!

Now cam-whoring time LoL  
feelin' & looking tired

Next I'll share my Christmas Eve manicure

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