Merry Random Christmas Y'all!

Its officially Christmas!-well, it started a couple days ago, but didn't had time to give it a proper welcome :)
Here are a couple of random pictures of my everyday life until November

the tree in our family room

Novembers highlight was a visit to Bodies - The Exhibition: A journey trough the Hart. I went with my college mates, as part of our medical terminology class. Only one pic taken, outside, because the don't allow to take pics to the actual exhibition.  It was incredibly interesting to see and understand what an awesome job God made when he designed us, Amazing! :)

In college I subscribed to be a bone marrow donor.  I was already subscribes as organ donor and I feel so happy joining causes like this!  It feels awesome to know you could have the privilege to improve a kids life!

Don't you love to spend your Thanksgiving school break studying? LoL

talking about studies, I don't mind getting this as a Christmas present...weird how priorities change

Now a little bit of sweet, these are from Costco and were so yummy! Don't worry, I only ate one :(

I've always regret not being a gamer, but video games are just too much for me.  But I like to free some stress playing PC games from Big Fish Games, specially hidden object ones.

Here at the mall with my niece Andrea

again with my Lil' Miss Sunshine! - she gave me one of her plastic bangles that day :)

Santa: be afraid, very afraid! LoL

more Christmas!

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