Gifts from my aunt & cousin

First, I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone who celebrates it :)

I have a lot of school work,  but I've manage to ace half of the half of it lol, which leaves me some time to schedule a few posts.  Today I want to share a quickie; a handful of gifts I got from my aunt & cousin. 
I've always had great affinity with them and our passion for beauty stuff is something we share.  When I saw this stash I was like a candy high cavity enthusiast kid and more happy than a dog with two tails! Yep, that happy  hahaha

 Sorry for the messy background!

They got me 10 nail polishes + 2 nail art ones, in black & white. On the nail polish group there are some LA Colors, LA Girl, Princessa, Nicka K & one other that is unnamed.  There is also a set of  full nail stickers in glittery leopard print; I'm excited and waiting to have plenty of time & patience to use them. 

There are two eyeshadow kits: one from Kleancolor and the other from Profusion.  They also got two packets of some sort of very thin and glittery fibers, which I guess are for nail art?  In the picture they are by the eyeshadows side.  In the back there is a sample of Inova hair products.  I tried the polishing oil after blow drying my hair - not good for my hair, got super greasy in merely 2 days.

This was my early Christmas present!

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