Two cheap but good tools for nail polish enthusiasts

Hello lovelies!
Not that I have made a major discovery, but in case you haven't think about it or tried it:
I got two things from Elf that I think are good and inexpensive tools when doing your nails

The 1st one is their Nourishing Cuticle Pen
this pen really delivers and only for a buck! I've had mine for about 3 months and haven't dried up.  I got two thinking that it would dry out in matter of weeks; gladly I was wrong.  The oil in it is odorless & colorless.  Its rapidly absorbed, leaving skin and cuticles looking smooth & healthy. 

The next one is not intended for nails, its a concealer brush 

I got this brush for its main purpose, but I prefer to apply & blend concealer with my fingers.  Because not even a $1 can go to waist; it became the perfect tool for cleanup on the sides of my nails and cuticle; achieving the nice round shape between the cuticle and bottom of the nail.  I've been using it for 4 moths and apparently material is ok to use with acetone, mine is intact.

Have you tried the nourishing pen? 
Have you recycled a makeup tool to use on your nails?

image credits: all images where taken from www.eyeslipsface.com for illustration purpose only; because mine are all stained with polish, looking pretty bad in pictures :P

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