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Once again, I miss so much working actively on the blog, checking others blog, commenting.  I'm taking a course on medical secretary & medical billing. Its just one year, taking classes 4 days a week.  Its an accelerated course, that's why it appears a lot of work all together.  On Monday & Tuesday I'll be taking the last two exams to finish the first period.  So far, think I'll get all A's :D
Because lack of time to properly construct a review or swatch post (take decent pictures, download, crop, watermark, upload, writing, scheduling)  I'll share some I've taken during the past weeks.  There is a bit of everything.

not going to be a health professional, but the college gaves us scrubs anyway. 

I was supposed to go out with a friend but a last min. emergency came in.  Instead of removing my makeup I tried to do something Halloween-esque on half of my face hehehe

finding good bargain at the girls dept in Old Navy

again, at girls dept, goofing around in JcPenney

With my nice Andrea on her 3rd birthday!

the cake - the theme was Barbie but she dressed as ballerina/princess 
because for her, Barbie, princess and ballerinas are the same thing lol

Andrea poking my dad's bday cake

my pretty medical secretary mom :)

tragedy strikes!

sad they didn't fit me

trying to read this great book between homework's
its called "The dark bride"

very unique Christmas decorations - yay!!! Christmas! -

Have a couple more, but this post is pic heavy already
until next time! 
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