Wet n Wild & Kleancolor nail polish haul + franken material

Hi there!
Yes, more nail polishes! the drawer where I store them is full, but apparently that is not reason enough for me to stop hoarding them.  On my first day at school Walgreens had Wet n Wild on sale.  After my last class I went just to pick one or two...yeah, right!

from L to R: clear top coat, Hallucinate, Kaleidoscope, Hannah Pinktana, Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, Teal of Fortune, Everybody Loves Redmond, Ebony Hates Chris

Then a couple weeks later my aunt got me my first Kleancolor polishes.  They where just $1 each at a beauty supply.  They have a nice variety and mom said she will get me a couple more next month :)
I also got one China Glaze (Solar Power) and my first Finger Paints (Art Appreciation Apricot) from the clearance table at Sallys but I can't find the pictures now.

from L to R: Vegas Night, Red Sparkle, Fuschia Glitter, Twinkly Love, Tiara Gold

Now, about the franken material find: I found this glitters at a party / craft store, where around $4 to $6. You might have seen them before from different brands but they are totally new to me and looked super cool!  I got carried away browsing stuff for my niece's bday and forgot to pick one, but I might buy it next month.

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