how much is your face worth?

I saw this tag at Huda's Beauty Blog and apart from sounding fun; it is a real eye opener. It could shock some of us to find out not only how much time we spend beautifying ourselves and perfecting our skills, but how much $$$ we use on it. I recommend you to do it, even if you don't share it with anyone.

This tag consist on showing the face products you use daily and how much they cost. I included what I use when I do full makeup -my go to look- because that is the only time that I use makeup at all recently. Some of the products are not in the picture because I was too lazy to get them...

- Pond's Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer $10.99
- Rimmel Fix & Perfect  $7.49
- Bennefit erase paste concealer  $26
- Palladio herbal eye primer  $7.99
- Revlon ColorStay foundation  $12.99
- Carmex moisturizing lip balm  $1.69
- Wet n Wild vanity palette  $3.99
- Wet n Wild color icon blush   $2.99
- Avon glazewear lipgloss $6
- Mark matte-nificent powder $12
- Wet n Wild color icon eyeliner $1.69 x 2 - white & bronze
- Rimmel glam'eyes day2night mascara $7.49
- Mark make it  big mascara $7.50
- Elf lash curler  $1

Total: $111.50

Final thought: my face is quite cheap compared to most beauty bloggers; as you can see there is only one high end product. To me using affordable beauty products honestly, was not a choice. I had to rely and discover drugstore products to be able to afford my love for makeup. Of course, my makeup is not perfect! maybe because my lack of mastery applying them. But I'm satisfied with the results I get with my cheap makeup - which I think it proves that expensive its not always better. I'm very happy with my "low end" products. I've had rare opportunities to change some of them for more expensive versions; but if it worked for 1 or 2 bucks I don't see a logic to spend more. That doesn't mean I wont try high end products, but they are not a must for me right now  :)
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