Give some luv to your flat iron!

Hi lovelies!
Today I want to share with you some tips I found here on how to take care of your flat iron.  This article came to me a little bit late, but better later than never.  I've had my Remington Wet2Dry flat iron for about 5 years.  She is my trusty baby, I love her, I really do. But sadly, have to admit that I (and my mom, sister in law, my bf, cousin, aunts) have used and abused her. After almost a month without getting my hair pimped, last week I decided to give it some love.  It was painful to realize that my flat iron...is freaking dying on me! It turned off by itself at least 4 times and takes forever to heat.  What it usually took me 25 min, became an hour. 

If you really love your flat iron, be good to her and follow this tips as you find them true and useful:

1. After using, once is cool; clean the blades. This avoids hairstyle products and natural hair oils build up.  I always did this, even more because I was not the only one who used it.

2. Warning: store it in a heat resistant bag. - I usually let it cool and store with with my blower and hair brushes

3. Another warning: beware of where you put your hot flat iron! they recommend to use a mat for your counter top. Luckily I haven't burn or melt anything :)

4. Do not wrap the cord around the barrel - I always do that, maybe that's why she is dying on me.

5. Lastly, turn it off while not using it - this nor only for safety reasons, but to save energy too :)

If you have other tips on how to take care of you styling tools; share it in the comments. Also, recommendations for a good & affordable flat iron will be well received!
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