my trip to El Yunque *picture heavy

Hi friends!

Today I'll share a couple pictures of my trip to El Yunque.  EL Yunque is Puerto Rico's national rain forest.
We walked for about 30 mins or so? just to go from where we left the car, up some kick ass hills to finally arrive at the point when we start our journey to La Mina waterfall.
I sweat like I was doing Insanity, but it was so much fun! 4 years have passed since the last time I was at El Yunque, but every time it looks more beautiful :) I didn't take a lot of pictures because with the walk up the hill I forgot about the camera hahaha But I'm so happy to be in better shape now! It made the long walk better than I expected.
Once we arrived at La Mina waterfall, we took some time to rest and get some courage to get into the water.  The water there is freezing cold!!!!! Ah but again, it feels awesome to be there.

ready to go down?

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