Guest Post by Fernanda: Risqué azulcrination & star

I'm very happy & excited about this post, because its the first time I have a guest posting at Random Stash.
By the tittle you already know her name is Fernanda, she is one of my facebook friends.  She's from Brazil and I was for a long time intrigued to now more about the brands that are popular there. In Puerto Rico pretty much all the nail polishes marketed are from US, so seeing something different was refreshing!  I got brave and ask her if she was interested in sharing some swatches here and she agreed :D THANK YOU girl!!!


This is from the colletion "Sweet Rock 'n Roll" from Risqué - by Model Isabeli Fontana.

It comes in six different types
"Azulcrination" - Is a dark metallic blue (my favorite)
"Star" - Gray glitter
"Isabeli" - A really dark and metallic purple.
"Psico" - Metallic Purple
"Tattoo" - Dark Metallic Gray
"Rock 'n Roll" - Metallic Gray

I'm using my favorite one, Azulcrination (first picture), and then Azulcrination+Star (second picture).
Brand: Risqué
Durability: +/-5days
Price: $ 2,70 (aprox $1.69 US)
I hope you have enjoyed Fernanda's first guest post as much as I did and that she will continue sharing with us!
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