cream eyeshadow fail

Hi gorgeous!
Before starting with my rant - I found a lot of pictures in an old camera, so be prepare for out-dated reviews and looks ;)
Ah! the joy of seeing a palette with beautiful jewel tones - only $3? woot woot! Just to realize at home that they where cream instead of regular gorgeous jewel tone pressed eyeshadows.  I got this palette at Christmas at Hot Topic.
swatch with clean fingers!

Months later I decided to use them. Under my bad judgment I used them for the first time to go out. I usually play safe on new products and test them at home. My main concern was creasing but my eyelids are not oily, so I thought it would be ok. Remember at that time I was using UD PP and never had problems with it, nor the pressed eyeshadow or the liner. For this look I used the redish-pink eyeshadow as a base and blue eyeshadow on top.  It look very pretty, giving almost a duo chrome finish.
Long story short, my eye makeup creased so bad that even the eyeliner started to melt! I had to put my partying on hold, get to Walgreens and buy makeup remover wipes to remove all my eye makeup. This was around Christmas, heat was not a factor. My guy friend told me in a very serious, but empathetic tone "man, that thingy on your eyes was sh*t...I'm so glad you took it off"  It was really awful because he never pays attention to the makeup I wear! lol

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