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Welcome gorgeous! to the first of a series of interviews I'll be doing to the members of Beauty Bloggers Puerto Rico. Be sure to check all of the Beauty Profile interviews and of course, check the blogs of these awesome ladies!

Our first will be the one & only Desiree from LadyLuck Beauty

How did you started in the beauty blog world and whats your blog about?
I started to read blogs in 2009 when my gaming pc was broken. By then I started to get inspired and after months I decided to make my own blog in 2010. I waited a bit until I could find a job so I could start buying new stuff.

How does nail polish enthusiast can benefit from your blogs content?
Well, I like to keep it simple and easy. I like photography, macro shots and I really enjoy taking pictures of my nails and the work I do. I'm really picky with good quality pictures, I always make sure everything looks like it should be.

Do you know approximately how much hrs per week you dedicate to blogging?
I could say... its can be a total of 3-4hrs per day.

When you are creating a post, what is the part that you like the most and the one you like the lesser?
I like the part when I post the pictures and talk about my experience. What I like lesser is when I have no idea how to name my posts.

As you said before, nail polish is your passion. What makes you love it?

I like all kind of arts. Makeup and nail art is a way of art. I like my nails to look pretty, nail polish is the perfect accessory to go with it always.

Love for beauty products many times is perceived by others as a "vanity thing" What could you say in its defense?
Is not vanity thing, if you love yourself, you would buy beauty products to give you some love. From Multi-Vitamins to makeup, everything is like a lil present for yourself, beauty and health.

Are your family and friends supportive of your passion and do they get involved in your blogging career?
No and yes. My sisters likes me to put makeup and paint their nails, but they don't like me taking photos for the blog, I have to be after them to check my blog links. My friends, well, they all starting to like nail polish lately! So excited to see they are getting into the polish and makeup world. Some of them have been on my blog already. They like my blog and check it sometimes. But they don't want me to get more makeup or nail polish D:

There is something from your day job or studies that have help you be a better beauty blogger? 
Yeah, I have seen a lot of beauty mistakes from other people, this helps me think "this girls need help" I also got inspired to make the "Job interview" post from them.

Advises you could give the ones that are new to the beauty blogging scene?
- when taking pictures: take them during daytime, under the sun (if possible) I notice my best pictures are taken outside in my backyard.

- when writing a review: Be honest. Don't be scare to say you don't like or you don't recommend. People like honesty no lies.

- taking criticism over their work: Take it as something positive, don't get sad, don't cry, is not the end of the world. We learn from good and bad. This helps us to be better in what we do.

Imagine you had the chance to create your own nail polish line: how it would be?
OMG! It would be fun! Lots of neon colors, glow in the dark, dark colors (Tim Burton inspired) lots of glitter!!! Every polish would have a glitter version.

How many polishes do you own? 
119, my friends count them last time they came here to "play Beauty" in my house, they even separate them by color, that was cute from them.

Aside from beauty, what other things you could easily blog about? 
I have another blog about my favorite PC game "Rappelz" Is like a small diary about what I like, whats new and my experiences.

Are there any things going on in the beauty blogging scene that you don't like? or even have discouraged you at times.
I don't like when PR lies about "no sending free products for review" but bloggers says otherwise... I would like them to be more honest about it, than lying in our faces, like if we were stupid.

Because there are other things besides nails and glitter; what else does Desiree loves and like to do for fun?
Hahahaha, I like to play with my cat, her name is Kelly, I also like to play Rappelz (Pc game) PS3 and be on facebook, my best friend call me a geek and nerd sometimes, I guess he is right! I also love to be with my friends and talk with them all day long.

Most influential people in your life?
My dad. He is Iron Man.

Nail Polishes:
- nude, bright or dark? I love dark polish, but i use bright ones more.
- 3 fave nail polish finishes: glitter, cream, holo
- if you could have only 3 nail polish for life: OPI DS Extravaganza, Sinfulcolors Feeling Great and Forget Now
- long , medium or short nails? Short.
- worst trend: those foils that you stick in your nail and gets ugly if you apply top coat O.oand (some) Japanese nail art, I think is too much sometimes and nails looks heavy.
- worst beauty product experience: The first time i self waxed my legs... was painfully.
- 5 top advices when dealing with polishes & nails:
Turn off the fan -.-

Any lesser know brand (s) that you would recommend to our readers? and why?
Nabi polishes are good, they smell a bit strong but I notice they are good. Dr. Remedy because it doesn't stink. Bettina, cheap and good.

Something new coming soon to LadyLuck beauty blog? We want a juicy exclusive! hahaha
I was thinking about adding a cooking section,but im not good at it LOL. What's next is, another new poll of what look you wanna see next, Giveaway winner and more "Lets talk about..." posts.

Any life advise you could give to our readers?
Be yourself, smile, be honest, don't let go good opportunities, you will regret forever and stay beautiful.

What describes or identifies Desiree:

I hope you have enjoyed and learned from this interview as much as I did!
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