wedding outfit

Last Sunday was my aunt's wedding.  It was a hectic weekend with all the last minute details and incidences, but it all ended really nice and most important: it was worth it because she seamed genuinely happy :D

Later on the week I'll share with you some pictures from the wedding, but for now will be about me and how freaking fabulous I felt because I freaking loooved the way I looked! LoL  I might sound like a brat but, do you have a dress that makes you feel gorgeous? I felt like it with this one; it works magic on me.

This is my favorite picture! think the angle is very flattering. Quality sucks because it was snapped with my phone

my sister in law rocks taking pictures

its all over now! time to get silly hahaha

this should be my profile pic; it screams classy right? LoL

The Deeds:
- dress from Forever 21
- black shrug from Burlington Coat Factory - only used it at the Church for religious formalities.
- shoes from Payless
- accesories: round clear rhinestone charm and earrings. the ring from this set is super pretty but its too big for me now. I had a pearl bracelet but forgot to put it on.
- nail polish: China Glaze cashmere creme

I got my ends and bangs trimmed for the wedding; changed my hair color a bit, now its more coppery than brown. 
With the rush and everything I forgot to take close ups of my makeup but I kept it simple. For the eyes I went for a gold & plum combo, very thin line of black eyeliner close to my lashline and sealed with a dark purple eyeshadow, smoked the outer V just a tad with a dark bronce eyeshadow, mascara and white eyeliner in the waterline. From my neck down I'm more tanned than from my neck up; I balanced things with WnW matte bronzer in Sunny and the trick worked great, specially for pictures. Topped cheeks on the highest part with WnW color icon blush in Pearlescent Pink. For my lips I only used Avon Glazewear lipgloss in Darling Pink.
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