some random pics :)

Today I felt like sharing more about me than makeup, nails and such....

I've been running and walking at the track with a friend for almost 3 weeks now. I find so peculiar that the track is next to a cemetery...yeah, only in Puerto Rico! LoL

After working out I came home starving, thinking if I should have a salad, some fish or just whole grain cheerios and I found this....

I conquered temptation and ignored the doughnuts; 
ate a salad but my sweet tooth was calling; 
so I settled for this
can you spy my next notd? :p  

Which reminds me that effort pays. 
 This was the first time in a million years that I used a
bikini. My sister in law took me pics without the shirt but I'm still waiting for them

But sometimes, I shamelessly fall in to temptation :p

This was my nail polish drawer two months ago after cleaning it
now there is no more space left...I need a new drawer!

And while cleaning my closet I found this:
 can you imagine receiving this as a birthday present???

I don't know who is the owner of this image, it was sent to me by a friend
and I HAD to share it! I've pledge to believe it :)

Last Wednesday I went to a Aquatic Park with my family

I have a couple more pictures but I'll leave them for later
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