little update

Sorry for being MIA. I haven't feel well the last weeks; I got a nasty ear & throat infection + the weather is not helping with my seasonal asthma. I feel a lot better from the infection. Well, those are "trivial" things...
I might be MIA for a bit longer...my grandfather passed away this morning. To be honest; he was not close to me & my brothers, but we care about him. I'm a bit at ease knowing that he is no longer going thru physical pain, but my father is deeply affected. I'm very worried for him.  Since I'm not working right know I will be the only one with him at the house most of the time, so I won't be posting as regular.

I have been visiting your blogs and reading your post daily, I just don't feel like commenting right know :(
I want to thank Josie for the award she gave me. Girl I'll try as soon as I can to do the tag / pass the award.

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