Elf regular & waterproof mascara duo

I've had this mascara for a while now, got it mainly for the waterproof part to use occasionally. I hate how hard is to take waterproof mascara off, but sometimes weather is crazy or just one of those days that I need to cry for no reason at all (damn pms!) . It was only $1 at Kmart.

As you can see in the pictures, the wand in the waterproof side is wider and more dense than the one from the regular side. After using both I notice the waterproof one has a slightly more thick formula. This mascara comes in two shades: Noir (black, shown) and Brown. While checking it on the website I see that the packaging is different from the one I got, so now I wonder if there have been any changes to the formula or the brushes.

- two products in one: regular and waterproof
- the waterproof wand adds a little more volume to lashes, maybe due to its density; while the regular formula wand is more slim which ads some length.
- price: again, two options for just $1
- availability: Elf products are available in a lot of stores now, not only online.
- it has a very good pigmentation, with Noir lashes looked very dark.
- with some waterproof mascaras I've had the problem that once they dry, lashes are stiff and start to flake as it wears off, but not with this one.

- formula on both sides takes a long time to dry
- the waterproof wand takes out too much product which can lead to clumps and stained my lids.
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