Notd: Bettina in purple

I've been using Bettina nail polishes since I was a kid. They where the most used polishes between my mom & aunts.I remember that their color range was more into neutrals and identified only by a number.  Now the brand as evolved and they have collections and names for the colors, the colors are more up with trends too.  They are very good polishes and offer a great value, usually retail for $2 or a little more.  I think they are only sold in Puerto Rico, but I might be wrong. Bettina also offers makeup products, their eyeshadows are super pigmented.

"Purple" is from the Art Deco permanent collection.
I have used this color many times! I tried my best to get the most accurate color possible to show on pictures; but that might not happen until I get a new camera.  Still, managed to get a somewhat decent representation of the color without flash, but blurry.

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