more china glaze & other things

At last! I got my hands on the China Glaze crackles **woot woot** Felt tempted to do some damage and get all the colors but since other brands are adding texture polishes to their collection too; I decided to get kind of the basics. I will do some more damage later because I got a 15% discount coupon on my receipt.
At Sallys got Black Mesh and Cracked Concrete, also Señorita Bonita and white tip guides from Orly. I love colored tip manis but I don't have the skills so these are very helpful :)

Then I went to an Outlet Mall (Barceloneta) and they have a beauty supply that sells the best! polish remover, which I can go trough it like water LoL. I like this store too because they sell CG cheaper than at Sallys, $2.75. They don't have a wide selection of colors but since I don't own many CG polishes it helps building my collection and saving at the same time. They have a store in the metro area (Rio Piedras) which I plan to visit because they also sell Nubar and Kleancolor. Here I got Rich & Famous and Cashmere Creme

this huge bottle is less than $3

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