loosing weight from inside-out: a rant & reasons

I've been struggling with my weight and body image for as long as I can remember. If you have seen my first pictures here and more recent ones you can definitely see a change; but still, I'm struggling.  I have lost 86 pounds in 9 months and there are a couple more I need to loose, but there is something that weights more and I've come to realize that could take a lifetime to get rid of: emotional baggage. I think we all have it, some have more, others way less than me, but its something known to everyone.
My mentality was set to the idea that loosing weight was going to resolve everything for me, but being overweight its not always and all about food, its about emotions too. This baggage has taken away a lot from me. I've been afraid to be myself for so long, I've been holding back so much only because of the way I look...letting go feels f*cking good!!!!! but learning to do it hurts.  Its hard to break free from bad habits, bad influences, confronting the worst enemy: myself, comfort zones, learning that being ambitious & proud of the way I am is ok. Why if others can do and say whatever they want I have to restrain, hide or apologize for being uniquely me? No, there is no reason for that :)

 Yeah, drama!!!! LoL

Ok, I need to stop this rant here or I'll keep writing things that maybe no one else besides me will understand. Sorry for that!
now to the real post...

The journey of loosing weight:

the reason: there are plenty of reasons why people want to loose weight: getting back at your ex, impressing friends, to fit in, health, etc. That is ultimately up to you, but within your main reasons I would recommend to have you and no one else but you like the priority.
If you are wise enough by now, might have noticed that pleasing people is almost impossible. Do it because will give you back your health, self esteem and for some of us, the opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones, to get new experiences, to be able to do things that a couple of pounds ago seemed impossible. It should be easier to please ourselves than others because at least we know what we want and what we are thinking, unless you are a mind reader; not so much for anybody else.  
Also consider within your reasons the ones that could give you back long term benefits.
For example: getting back at your ex could sound like a powerful motivation! but after your mission is done, what is going to happen??? did he/she cared for your weight loss? Chances are that your weight had nothing to do with the breakup and you are wasting your time trying to impress someone that voluntarily decided to be out of your life. I didn't intend this post to include dating/love advice, but I've been there, I understand LoL. That is why I think that setting a goal based on the "bigger picture" and focusing in what is the best for us in a long term is the way to success.

More tips and rants powered  by pms coming soon! :P
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