Bargain Haul: beach wear :)

When preparing for my trip to Las Vegas last august I got a swimsuit at Walmart because I was loosing weight and didn't want to splurge on it to use it once (only had the chance to use it twice). This year there were two swimsuits from Roxy and Volcom that got me crazy, but they are pricey and since I plan to loose 10 more pounds and tone up didn't want to risk it buying a expensive piece to use it once or twice. Couple of weeks ago my family decided out of nowhere to go to the beach and I wasn't going because I didn't have a bathing suit. Later on the night before, I had to go to Kmart and they where having a sale on beach wear! I was saved and I $aved! :) This time I got brave and decided to get a bikini (with shorts). I know my stomach is not in the best shape but I want to venture on being more confident, and sometimes that means to push myself to it.Most pieces where $10, but some marked lower at check out which is even better!

the back. bottom part sold out :(
this one from the Selena Gomez dream out loud collection
love the cute details!

do you see a theme here? pink, pink and more pink!

the romper material is similar to a towel,
very soft, comfortable and colorful!

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