Avon satin gel liner

The Avon satin gel liner is the only gel eyeliner I have tried so far, got it like a year ago and at the time I used it every time I did my makeup to go out, but since I found my way with other type of liners this one have been in a drawer for a very long time.

This item has been discontinued, but as for most of their new products I got it at an introductory price of $4 if I'm not wrong.  The shade I got is called black pearl: mate deep black with golden shimmer and it came with a brush. Its also available in a shade called brown pearl.

I had to poke it so sparkles would be visible
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- excellent pigmentation
- great lasting power, didn't had problems with it smudging or fading
- the gold shimmer adds a fun twist but its not over the top. the eyeliner by itself its matte, but the shimmer ads luminosity to the whole look without being loud.
- I've used it on my lower lash line and the shimmer didn't irritate my eyes.
- the mouth of the jar is wide enough in case you want to apply with your fingers when using it has a base.

- overtime, consistency changes drastically and it while it doesn't completely dries; it gets hard.
- I didn't like the brush. at first I felt it was too stiff but then realized that if it was angled instead of straight it will work better, even after the eyeliner starts to get hard.
- Avon discontinued it :/.
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