WnW Color Icon trio - Cool as Cucumber

By now, I have almost all of the WnW trios and found that I like the 6 pan and 8 pan palettes more (except for I got good jeans).  Most of the trios lack of pigmentation, not being true to the color on the palette once applied.
Cool as Cucumber is another color combination that I really like because I think my eyes stand out with shades like this, but again the super soft texture that makes them crumble leaves me with only a wash of color.  If you want to go colorful without being to "loud", this trios might be for you.

browbone shade: pale sea foam green; almost white
crease shade: deep plum / wine with subtle purple shimmer
eyelid shade: green with blue / gray undertone, subtle shimmer.  I read somewhere that this was a nice dupe for Mac humid.

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