Rimmel Glam'Eyes Day2Night mascara

Last month I purchased Rimmel Glam'Eyes Day2Night mascara at Kmart.  I currently have 4 mascaras but this was a new product and it was at an introductory price ($4 if I'm not wrong).  I really wanted to try it because of the concept of two wands in one mascara, offering both length and volume.

The lengthening brush does add length and I found the size perfect for my small eyes
The formula itself is really good, its creamy but not thick
Dries fast

The volume brush picks up too much product and leaved my eyelashes clumpy.
Because it picks so much product, I find that it makes my eyelashes stick one to another and end up looking with less full lashes.
After approx 5 hours of wear I noticed flakes of mascara over my face.  This only happen when I used both wands.
Here wearing the length wand + Mark make it big mascara

My recommendation:
personally, I only use the lengthening brush.
to avoid the problem with the excess of product caused by the volume wand; use this one first and then use the lengthening one to remove the excess and build up length.
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