China Glaze Fortune Teller

I got this polish at Sallys on sale, think it was on December.  I must say that I have a thing for ugly nail polishes LoL.  I don't mean that this shade is ugly (well, not now) but when I saw it the first time I thought it was, at the same time I couldn't resist it and had to buy it.  I can't tell you how many polishes I've got because I disliked the color, that's so weird! Well, that was just the first impression because after the second coat I was in love with China Glaze Fortune Teller! I might be wrong but think this one was from their Halloween collection.

It lasted about two weeks with two double top coat.  The mix of the black base with the copper glitter is very unique (at least to me).

as usual, I have a hard time trying to make my camera pick up glitters

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