Wet N Wild Color Icon trio: I Got Good Jeans

Alo Alo gorgeous!

The Color Icon trio in I Got Good Jeans is one of my favorite from the series!. Its extremely pigmented but due to its creamy consistency colors are easy to blend in case you don't want a bold look; but more of a touch of color.  Even if you want a quick look is good, as you can get away in a sophisticated style using only the gold shade, any other matte highlight of your preference and use the dark blue shade as eyeliner.  Some have complained that this trios don't include a matte shade but I like that fact, it makes it more interesting and daring to wear it.  Since this eye shadows are super soft remember to tap off the excess on your brush before applying to minimize fall out.

- highlight shade: its a soft almost metallic, baby blue.  If you don't wan to use it as a highlight because its shimmery, yo can use it to add a pop to the inner part of the eye or blend out the darkest shade on the palette
- crease shade: dark navy blue with a hint of a lighter metallic blue shimmer. You can pack it for a dramatic look or blend it for emphasize on the crease but with a softer appearance
- eyelid shade: intense metallic yellow-y gold. I love using gold for my looks, think its a shade that never goes out of style and so versatile, goes pretty much with everything.

*swatched without primer or base

please be cool & don't steal my crappy pictures :P
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