Makeup Look: Dirty Green with Profussion palette

I'm starting to give a break to my WnW palettes on use other eyeshadow that have been neglected for so long, on this case I used a Profussion palette mom got me couple years ago in Walmart.  I forgot how much I use to love the metallic tones on it and how handy is to carry, its like a little book  :)
I'm not good describing colors, that why I called "dirty green" the main shade I used.  Its a mixture between an old gold and green.  You might notice some creasing, but I don't know what cause it. Never had problems before with the eyeshadows on this palette, my Palladio primer or the cream base.  The only thing I can thin it was that my allergies started to act up that night; but not sure that could cause creasing???

And here I'm just wearing the E.l.f conditioning lip balm, was not sure about what lip color to use when I took the pictures
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