Avon Chocolate Kiss Lipgloss

Since my sister in law started selling Avon I've tried a lot of their products, specially from the Mark line.  In overall I think Mark makeup products have better quality than regular Avon. As you can see in the pictures they come in a squeeze tube.  They come in 4 different shades: Cherry Truffles, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Cream and Raspberry Mousse.  I got all except Chocolate Cream; on sale for $.99 They are creamy and a little thick at the same time; way more pigmented than regular gloss which is good.

As with most squeeze tube lip products is better to use a brush for a nice, even and messy free application. The smell is tricky: they smell like fake chocolate smell, don't know how to explain it better! LoL
However, I do like that kind of smell ( call me weird! )  f you smell it right from the tube the scent is quite strong, but at least for me it was barely noticeable when wearing it. They have a mildly sweet - chocolaty taste.

My favorite is Cherry Truffles. In person looks more like a dark fuchsia.  It gives a nice shine without looking greasy and good coverage.  It can be applied alone or on top of a lipstick / lip liner to add glossiness.

Raspberry Mousse is a berry - wine shade with gold shimmer. It has really good pigmentation but is thicker than the other two.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry is a strawberry pink shade with frosted silver shimmer.  This one is my least favorite.  To my surprise this is the most opaque of the tree shades but consistency is a little pasty, on lips looked streaky and frost have never suited my lips.

On staying power: Not great. Had to retouch once while having drinks and twice ( at the 3rd time I just said forget it! ) if I was eating & drinking.  After no retouches it leaves a nice stain, but lips got really sticky.

Will I repurchase these?
Even tho I love everything chocolate, I don't like them that much.

Which are your favorite and least favorite scented lip products???
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