Review: Victoria's Secret Pro Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer

I got it on my recent trip to Las Vegas with the Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer. Some time ago I saw Marlena's  -makeupgeek- haul on some VS product and how much they have improved so when I got to the store I was committed to do some hefty damage to my VS credit card LoL.  Turns out the eyeshadows and lipstick didn't caught my eye but as a primer junkie; the primers did.

The primer comes in a tube -as TFSI- , 8g / .28oz, $8

Consistency also similar to TFSI and UDPP.  It has a light tan color that blends easily in to the skin and noticed my eyelids felt smoother and had a more even tone. 
At first came out a little oily so I didn't had much hope for it.  Happy to say that I judge it to quick; this have became my go-to eye primer. There was no crease or fading.  Have tried it with pressed, loose, mate and shimmery, wet and dry eyeshadows without any problem.  I even fall asleep with my makeup on and the next morning my eyeshadow was intact [was removing my makeup sited on my bed and then zzzzzzz, next thing I know the sun was shining, birds singing and I still had a makeup remover wipe in my hand! LoL]
There is no weird smell and a little bit goes a long way.  I only use 2 small dots to cover my eyelid, brow bone and lower lash line.  The tube looks quite small but considering how little you need, it has enough product for only $8.

I wanted to get my mom, my sister in law & my cousin one and have been checking VS website for a while but it's not listed anymore.  I hope they don't remove it from the Pro line because I really like this product and we don't have VS stores in Puerto Rico.
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