Review: Avon smooth velvet lip color

I was excited to receive this product because I've decided to wear read lipstick again. Have not been able to find "my shade of red" but I'm pretty confident with this one. Got it with a Glimmerstick liner, both for $8.99
Reg price $6 each

Product description according to Avon:
"You’ve never felt color like this before…velvety smooth, intensely saturated shades infused with rich moisturizing conditioners – it’s the newest way to lavish your lips! Supremely sumptuous color for full, shapely lips that always look lush, plush and gorgeous. Precision applicator. .24 fl. oz."
my definition: with the Smooth Velvet lip color you get a mixture between a lipstick, a lip butter and a stain.

I ordered it in Sassy.  The preview in the tube looks like nothing special. Once applied to lips shows like a true red. On my lips looked little darker but not much.

It has super creamy -almost pasty- consistency that might be good and bad at the same time.  It gives lips a fuller and smooth appearance but only after you manage to work it; first time use could get a little messy.

First time I applied it alone and the shade came out vivid, had a hard time containing it inside my lip line and really had to work it to get an even coating due to the pasty consistency.  Then decided to try it using lip balm first, then applying the Elf Lip Lock and it was a charm!  Noticed it was easier to apply and since its super pigmented the lip balm didn't rest intensity to the color.  If you blot excess will look like a stain but more pigmented.  If you have a case of really cracked / dry lips I recommend to exfoliate first.  I didn't re apply after 6 hrs of use -i was drinking and eating- because I liked the stain kind of look.  You can re apply if needed but I must say, with this product a little goes a long way.

With this product also noticed that my face look like I had full makeup on when it was only moisturizer and the lip color.  Think that maybe this was because of its creamy consistency and pigmentation.  Sassy is a very bold and vibrant shade; but it doesn't look trashy or overdone.  The smell is great! its like sugar cookies...have to admit that I felt tempted to taste it LoL
The only thing that I don't like so much is the pasty consistency, its difficult to work with but not impossible so I might re purchase in different shades.

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