Renewing my wardrobe

I've been dieting and exercising regularly since mid April to reach my goal of 140 lbs.  I started at 239, five -hard!- months latter I'm in 175; that means -64 and hope! to keep on motivated until I reach my goal and of course, have the will power to maintain it overtime.  This whole process have changed my life like I never thought it would.  Some changes have been difficult for me to accept or to acknowledge; for example; after shopping pretty much all my life in special stores or plus size dept and knowing before hand what size or brands will fit me better; now I don't know what size I am? Shopping for clothes now is even more stressing than when I was bigger. I have to go store to store "hunting" for something that fits me. I remember the first time I went to Charlotte Russe [to get something for me], was browsing the jeans area and a girl that works there offered to help me; when she asked what size I was, had to tell her that I didn't know but she was a sweet heart and helped my find the right one, I'm so loving their jeans!

I wanted to take pics at some new things I've got in the lasts weeks but looks like my camera died.  This time pics will be from the sites of the stores I purchased them.  If my camera revives or I get a new one, will think about doing "outfit of the weekend"; pics of my going out assembles :D

Old Navy - Women's Jersey Boyfriend Cardigans $5.59

Old Navy - Women's Ruffle-Front Rib-Knit Tanks $4.19

Not sure about this one...It looked cute on but I've never whore plaid before; think I might return it
Old Navy - Women's Western Shirtdresses $20.50

they don't look "mini" on me :(
Old Navy - Women's Classic Denim Minis $11.54

Another thing I might return...it makes my boobs stand even more they usually do LoL
Charlotte Russe - Grommeted A-Line Dress $26

Charlotte Russe - Classic Skinny in Blackened Blue $32.50

this is the first one I got but don't use it anymore because is 14S and I'm now between size 12-10
Charlotte Russe - Everyday Boot in Dark Vintage $29.50 

Kmart - Route 66 Cross Front Smocked Waist Top $14.99

Kmart - Selena Gomez DOL ruffle foral tunic w/ necklace $16
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