It was a great Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to mommy readers!!!
I had so much fun with my family yesterday.  We started [ well, not "we" since I'm on a diet; they ] tasting the delicious food, taking lots of pictures, talking about everything, opening the gifts and then playing bingo! with real $$ prices LoL
I felt different yesterday. All my aunts and cousins where already at my house when I was still getting ready. They received me with applause and cheers! LoL to congratulate me for being consistent on loosing weigh.  For the first time in many years I was not hiding so no one could take pictures of me; I was not worried on how bad I would look once they put the pictures on FaceBook; I was really enjoying myself!  As per today I've lost 15 lbs and starting my 5th week. May not sound like a lot but I see myself so different now; not only physically, I also feel and look more confident

This is how I look going from
239 to 224

my makeup after 5 hours in the tropic haha
sorry, I always forget to take a pic when its

what are you looking at? LoL
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